10 Aggressively market the quality of price and performance of products and consult with companies before indicating prices through the resale pricing policy proposed by THE ENTREPRISES; Immediately send your written orders to COMPANY to facilitate reasonable delivery times and production schedules; Carefully perform product warranty service on customer sites; and advise ENTREPRISES in advance to represent, distribute or otherwise process competitive type equipment, product size and capacity. 8. Orders All orders placed by DISTRIBUTOR are accepted by COMPANY and are deemed accepted only when a written confirmation has been sent by LA COMPANY. 9. Delivery/Title/Loss Risk Delivery of all products ordered by DISTRIBUTOR is made from the factory. ICC. Incoterms (1993 edition) apply, unless these incoterms may be incompatible with the terms of this ACCORD. . 6 Given the conditions given by THE ENTREPRISES, DISTRIBUTOR for an open account. provides the company with a persistent security interest in the products that DISTRIBUTOR has just acquired and subsequently, as well as any revenue from the resale of these products (“collateral”) in order to guarantee payment of DISTRIBUTOR`s payment obligations under this ACCORD.

DISTRIBUTOR recognizes that this section constitutes a security agreement and authorizes ENTREPRISES to submit all funding declarations or other documents necessary to enhance the security interest of THE COMPANY in a public service in a jurisdiction deemed necessary by THE ENTREPRISES. Distributors. IN THE only PURPOSE of THE SCUTT, on behalf of THE COMPANY, these funding statements and related documents. 6. Corporate company for the duration of this CONTRAT: Provide annual training at no additional cost in the DISTRIBUTORTOR INSTALLATION for a reasonable number of distributor engineers and/or service personnel in use, maintenance, 2. INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR. THIS INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION ACCORD (THE PRESENT ACCORD) is established and concluded at and between [COMPANY/SUPPLIER], a