4. CONFIDENTIALITY. The SDK (including use embodied in an application or used by an application) is confidential and proprietary information of TokBox, and you cannot pass them on to third parties for the lifetime or thereafter, or use them for purposes other than expressly in this form, without a separate written agreement with TokBox allowing you to do so. 14. INTEGRATION. If there is a conflicting language between this licensing agreement and another agreement contained in the SDK, this license agreement replaces it. If Adobe or the developer employs lawyers to assert rights arising from or related to this licensing agreement, the dominant party is authorized to recover reasonable legal fees. You acknowledge that you have read, understand the licensing agreement, and that it is the full and exclusive declaration of your agreement with Adobe, which replaces any oral or written prior agreement between Adobe and you regarding the licensing of the SDK. No changes to the terms of this license agreement may be applied against Adobe unless Adobe gives its explicit consent, signed in writing by an Adobe employee. The English version of this agreement is the version used in the event of an agreement.

All translations of this Agreement are simple and cannot be used by the parties or by a court when they are presenting or interpreting it. User`s Notice: IT`s A LICENSE ACCORD IN YOU AND ADOBE. BY STATING YOUR CONSENT AS SHOWN BELOW, YOU AGREE TO ALL THE TERMS OF THIS LICENSING AGREEMENT. This license agreement accompanies the Adobe Photoshop (s) software development kit for the software and associated explanatory materials (the “SDK”) and contains all updates, modified versions, updates, add-ons and copies of the SDK that adobe has been granted to you. This copy of the SDK is allowed for you as an end user or for your employer or any other third party authorized to authorize your use of the SDK. You agree that this license agreement will apply as any written negotiated agreement you have signed and that your use of the SDK is the acceptance of the terms of the contract. If you do not accept the terms of this agreement, do not use this SDK software. If you are an advertising network that uses the MoPub SDK to transmit your network traffic, you recognize and accept that by accessing or using the SDK and services, you approve the applicable moPub policy (currently at www.mopub.com/legal/), including MoPub guidelines for advertising partners (in www.mopub.com/legal/demand-side-policy/), as they have been updated by MoPub from time to time, as well as all applicable laws and regulations. They also agree: that you update your intermediation adapter, your software development kit and all other codes or APIs needed to support the MoPub SDK approval solution in accordance with MoPub documentation, if you are an ad mediation partner (“Supported Advertising Mediation Partners”) authorized by MoPub to rely on MoPub`s SDK approval solution for you to have the agreement of the EU end user.

You agree not to process the personal data of EU end-users (or other end-users for whom a publisher wishes to obtain consent) or to process personal data of those end-users for purposes beyond the purposes authorized by consent, unless you have other legal reasons for processing your personal data. MoPub does not rely on legitimate interests as the basis for the processing of personal data for personalized advertising purposes; However, through a separate written agreement, publishers and affiliates of financial mediation may mutually decide to rely on legitimate interests as a legal basis for the processing of personal data for personalized advertising purposes.