Most subsidized housing contracts are not lifetime leases. You may have one consequence: breaches of the responsibilities defined in the licensee`s licence agreement, particularly those mentioned in section 6th of this directive, lead the FTA to take measures that may lead to the termination of the occupancy licence. The process will usually be as follows: a secure short-term rent (AST), if your landlord is a housing company, you probably have a license if your agreement allows workers to enter your home to provide support or verify their welfare. Very few organizations have offered training for staff to support housing management tasks, including the use of leases or licenses. In the partnership programs, no support staff member interviewed had seen a management agreement between the support provider and RSL, which explained the different responsibilities of each organization. However, it was found that auxiliaries often performed most of the housing management tasks on behalf of landlords, including the supervisory rights and obligations defined in lease and licensing agreements. If you are offered housing on the Council`s waiting list, residents of subsidized housing may be unique among social sector tenants when it comes to obtaining not only housing services, but also assistance services. This assistance is either provided directly by the owner or delegated to a specialist assistance provider. The Welsh Federation of Housing Associations and the Cymru Partation Participation Advisory Service conducted research with housing organizations and local residents to examine whether exemptions or additions to agreements currently used in subsidized housing are required to reflect all services that assist housing residents.

The survey showed that assisted residents are unique among those housed by RSLs, as they are subject to additional and different responsibilities from the obligations described in their leases or licenses in the form of domestic regulations. The survey showed that most organizations, especially those that offer flatshares, had some kind of internal regulation. However, it was found that most of them did not have formal guidelines or procedures on how to decide, negotiate, modify or control the rules. Some RSLs have pointed out that they do not have information about the rules of the house made available to them by their assistance partners: your agreement should indicate the type of rental or occupancy you have and explain your rights and obligations. A number of residents did not know the security of their agreement. Two tenants who hold six-month leases said: the other type of lease is Assured Shorthold.